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Residential Billing

Yes. Your FairPoint payments may be made automatically either through a bank or a credit card account. Just call your FairPoint customer service rep to set it up.

Residential Phone Service

Absolutely. All FairPoint Exchange plans include unlimited local and regional calling.

FairPoint WorldSelect Unlimited Country offers Unlimited calling to select international locations plus our low per-minute rates to over 250 countries for even more savings.

FairPoint World Select with Cities offers best rates to over 250 countries and 55 international cities. City-specific pricing is available for even more savings.

Yes, FairPoint can offer high-speed service to existing phone numbers.

Residential High-Speed Internet

While FairPoint provides Internet service over your existing phone lines, it's a lot faster. If you have phone service, you already have all the wires that you need for our high-speed Internet. All you need to add is a modem (which FairPoint can provide) and some filters for your house jacks to use phone and internet at same time. (The filters help the voice/data separation.)

No. Your FairPoint High-Speed Internet service can use your existing phone line. You can access the Internet, talk on the phone, send or receive faxes, all at the same time.

Yes. Your modem is designed to allow normal phone service to operate even if the modem is unplugged or disabled.

Yes. Just connect a compatible wi-fi server to your FairPoint modem.

We're working on it. Currently, FairPoint High-Speed Internet is only available to customers residing within approximately 3 miles (up to 18,000 feet) of their FairPoint Central Office. But we're working hard to make FairPoint High Internet available to all our customers.

Residential DIRECTV®

DIRECTV ® lets you access over 285 digital-quality channels, including your local networks1, 31 premium movie channels and 65 music only channels. DIRECTV ® also offers a wide variety of high-definition television, including major HD networks where available, special HD event broadcasts and HD Pay-Per-View movies.

To receive DIRECTV® programming, your home needs a clear view of the southern sky, unblocked by trees or buildings. After that, professional installers mount the DIRECTV dish in the most appealing location for your home, condominium or townhouse.

No. Most DIRECTV® customers need just one dish, no matter how many receivers/rooms are hooked into it.

Absolutely. Every TV in your house can be tuned to a different channel at the same time.

Your DIRECTV® service charges will be billed directly by DIRECTV®.

Business Internet

FairPoint will bill your Internet service along with your phone service.

Yes. FairPoint offers standalone Internet Service

Business Voice

You can easily change your voicemail settings at any time by calling your voicemail access number.

You can download complete operating instructions (PDF) here.

Business Data

With FairPoint Asynchronous Transfer Mode ATM, you can consolidate voice, data and video globally on a single channel, while reaching transfer speeds greater than that of frame relay.

Yes. FairPoint Ethernet Multipoint Service (EMS) was designed to provide any-to-any connectivity at native LAN speeds.

SONET stands for Synchronous Optical Network.  SONET is the network backbone over which ultrafast voice, data and video are run. SONET defines a hierarchy for Synchronous Transport Signals.

Business Conferencing

Yes. With FairPoint Audio Conferencing you place calls by dialing a specific telephone number. An automated attendant asks for your PIN and the conference is activated when the host, who has a special PIN, joins.

Operator-assisted option provides callers with additional capabilities, including moderator-cued Q&A, voting and polling, audio-tapes and other recording media. Security, screening and control features are also available as standard options on all services. Hosts have a suite of control features available to them, including the ability to mute or disconnect attendees. Sidebar conversations during a conference call are available. Operator Assistance support is available on demand in the event of noise or other interferences.

Yes. With FairPoint Web Conferencing you can add a visual component to your audio conference calls.